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cleveland fashion focus - huntington convention center, cleveland, oh. october 20-21st

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Sorme treatment Cosmetics will be unveiling some of most recent innovations such as the LIP RESCUE, tinted lip balms, HYDRAMOIST LIPSTICKS with Marula Oil, Chubby Eye shadow pencils, Truline Mechanical Lip Liners, Smooch proof lipstains and more.




SormÉ Treatment Cosmetics

Sorme Treatment Cosmetics is a make-up line built with natural botanicals such as Aloe , Cucumber, Green Tea, Comfrey, and Shea Butter to name a few.

This line also utilizes vitamins and minerals to nurture and enrich the skin. Treatment cosmetics are for everyone, you are never too young to start pampering your skin.

Many dermatologists are now recommending to their clients that they use treatment cosmetics on their skin. Dermatologists do not want you applying product on your skin that can reverse the treatment they have given you, they want you to use products that will work together with their treatments. We, the salon and stylist, have the opportunity to sell clients cosmetics that can help keep their skin look younger longer.