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Celebrity Brows: A How-to Guide

Brows are one of the most important features in a finished look, and the trending of brows from thick to thin, arched to angular, changes frequently.

For beautiful celebrity brows, you don't have to spend a fortune at a specialized salon. Follow some of these simple ideas for beautiful brows:

1. Grooming is key! It's important to tweeze excess hairs away from the defined shape as often as needed. These hairs are obviously out of place and fall outside of the manicured shape of the brow when all of the hairs have been brushed up and combed over, which is the technique that should be used when shaping your brows with a Brow Grooming tool.

2. What's in a shape? Using stencils can be a easy way to always have perfectly shaped brows. However, after establishing a shape for your brows, which may or may not change with current trends, a softer shape can be created by using a soft, light shade of brow powder with an angled filler brush. For a fuller, bolder brow, use a darker pencil or powder to define the brow. If you're accentuating a thin brow, use a darker shade of pencil or powder to fill in the fine line of the brow shape. Bold arches add power and drama to a face, while soft arches suggest a gentler demeaner. A heavier brow suggests playfulness and youth, while a thin brow suggests a more sultry idea of playing.

For a naturally full brow, using a setting gel, can tame those thick and unruly brows into a beautiful shape!


3. Blend. For a more natural effect on the brows, using a combination of light and dark powders, or powder and pencil, or powder and setting gel can lead to a perfectly blended brow. Be sure to use colors that accentuate the natural tones of your hair color!

4. Lift and Separate. Using a light shadow color or a highlighting pencil, apply a bright highlight just under the brow that begins just before the arch of the brow and blends out to a natural skin tone near the end of the brow's tail. This gives the effecet of an instant eye lift! Using the same product apply a bright bead to the inner corner of the eyes to give the illusion of a wider, brighter eye!

5. Alpha and Omega. The big brow question is "where should my brows begin and where should they end?" If you were to draw an inverted triangle on each cheek, with the corner of the nose as the apex, and the brow as the base, you would extend a straight line from the apex up to the inner corner of the eye and extend that to the brow. This is where the brow should ideally begin.

If you draw the second line from the apex to the outer corner of the eye, extending that line to the tail of the brow, this is where your brow should end. The arch of the brow should be at its highest directly above your pupil if you were staring forward.

Following these few simple points will give your friends a hard case of brow envy!